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Last modified 13:00, 7 Sep 2012

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What's New in eP4.1

Over the past several months we have been busy upgrading many of the features available to you in Chalk & Wire in order to make your work more enjoyable, faster and better looking. 

Students, faculty, and administrators alike will now see a new, more efficient text editor that appears on the page rather than within a modal window. A new 'To Do' feature has been made available for Collaborative Workspaces. Users now have the ability to enable commenting on portfolios shared via secure URLs. Faculty can now create both text and audio comments on video/audio media submission. 

Beyond these feature enhancements and other minor improvements to the system, the majority of the new features, enhancements and changes have been directed at users with administrator responsibilities. 

Use the links below to learn more about the new features and system enhancements that are available to you in eP4.1. 



Please note that all of our support materials are covered by the Creative Commons License copyright that allows you to customize the documents for your own use, provided you acknowledge Chalk & Wire as their source and provide them free of charge. We request that you do not share these materials inappropriately.

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