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Getting Started

Last modified 12:37, 9 Aug 2012
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Welcome to Chalk & Wire

The 'Getting Started' section contains information related to accessing and managing your account and profile settings. This section also contains useful 'Quick Start' guides intended to help users with typical workflows and actions. Use the table of contents on the left or the options listed below to learn more.


Register Your Account Before you start you must use your registration code to create an account. Visit our Register Your Account help page to learn more.
Log In to Your Account Once you have registered for a Chalk & Wire account, you will be provided with a unique User ID and Password to log into your account. Visit our Log In to Your Account help page to learn more.
Renew Your Account If your Chalk & Wire account has expired or will be expiring soon, you will need to renew your account maintain access. Visit our Renew Your Account help page to learn more.
Forgot your Password? If you have forgotten your password, visit our Forgot Your Password? help page to learn how to reset your password.
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