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Create a New Portfolio

Last modified 13:20, 6 Sep 2013

This content applies to Students, Assessors, and Administrators.


Before creating a new portfolio, it is important that you have gathered all of the necessary information. Please ensure that you know which Table of Contents to select (which will provide the structure for your portfolio) - if you are uncertain, please contact your instructor or local Chalk & Wire Administrator.

If you are creating a personal, professional portfolio, you can opt to select the Customizable Table of Contents. This enables you to create a customized structure to showcase your best work to external entities, such as future employers.

NOTE: Your school might not currently offer a Customizable TOC. Contact your local Chalk & Wire administrator for more information and assistance. 

To begin, use the Work menu to select My Portfolios.


How to Create a New Portfolio

On the My Portfolios screen, click on the Create New Portfolio button.


1. Enter a name for your new portfolio.
2. Select which Table of Contents your portfolio will employ.
3. Click Create.

NOTE: If you are unable to locate your Table of Contents, click the 'Can't Find Your Table of Contents?' link to reveal the option to sort by Department. If you do not know which Table of Contents to use, contact your course instructor or local Chalk & Wire Administrator.


Still Having Trouble?

If this help page did not answer your question, please contact our Support Desk: support@chalkandwire.com


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