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Upload a New File

Last modified 13:36, 9 Sep 2013


This help page applies to Students, Assessors, and Administrators.


The Upload New File option allows you to upload files from your computer to your Chalk & Wire ePortfolio. Each file that you upload will be placed in your portfolio, as well as saved in your File Library for later use. While many file types are available for upload in every Chalk & Wire site, certain types may not be available at your institution. For a complete list of acceptable file types, please contact your local Chalk & Wire Administrator.

If you would like to add a file to your portfolio that you have already uploaded, please visit the Add an Existing File help page.

To begin, navigate to the My Portfolios screen and access your portfolio.


How to Upload a File

1. Click on the Upload New File button.


In the Add File pop-up window:

2. Enter a Name for the file that you are uploading.
3. Enter Keywords for the file that you are uploading. Keywords assist in organizing your File Library.
4. If you are uploading a video file, select the Video Conversion Options.
5. Click on the Upload File button.


After clicking the Upload File button, a pop-up window will appear where you can browse the files on your computer.

6. Locate the file that you would like to upload.
7. Click Choose.


A green bar will appear in the Add File pop-up window to indicate that your upload was successful. To leave the Add File window, click Close.


The newly uploaded file will appear on your portfolio page.


Still Having Trouble?

If this help page did not answer your question, please contact our Support Desk: support@chalkandwire.com


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