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Last modified 13:39, 9 Sep 2013

This help page applies to Students, Assessors, and Administrators.


Adding Text to your portfolio enables instructors to easily view your work while assessing, without having to download or view separate files for each section. Additionally, your instructor will be able to add comments directly to your work, providing you with feedback and direction.

To begin, navigate to the My Portfolios screen to access your portfolio.


How to Add Text

To add Text to your portfolio or assignment page, select the Text option from the tool bar at the top of your page, or use the 'Add' link to select where you would like to add your text, then choose the Text option.

The options available for adding text to your portfolio are:

1. Type Directly into the Text Editor
2. Copy and Paste Text (From Word, or Other)


1. Type Directly into the Text Editor

Adding text by typing it directly into the text editor eliminates the step of creating a word document on your computer, and later copying and pasting it to your portfolio, or uploading it as an artifact. You will not lose the ability to format and/or personalize your content. The text editor enables you to bold, italicize, underline, and strikeout text. You can also add numbering, bullets and align your content. In fact, by copying and pasting content from a Word document, you will lose some of your formatting, making this option even more appealing!

However, it is important to note that, as in MS Word, you must remember to save your work periodically to avoid the loss of any unsaved changes in the event of a power, or internet failure. Once you are satisfied with your content, click Save, and then Close. Remember, you can come back to edit this text at any point.


2. Copy and Paste Text

You cannot paste text directly into the text editor, as you will also copy incompatible formatting characters. Therefore, click the 'Paste from Word' (if original text is in a MS Word document) or the 'Paste Plain Text' (if original text is derived from another source) icon in the top tool bar of the text editor, paste your text into the pop-up text box provided, and click 'Insert'.

NOTE: If you use the Paste from Word option, the formatting that you have applied in your MS Word document will remain to some extent. Text formatting (i.e. font, size, bolding, etc) may remain intact, where as document formatting may not (i.e. borders, special characters and bullets, indenting, etc), as these formatting options are not compatible with the text editor available in Chalk & Wire.

If the content that you wish to display in your portfolio requires document formatting options that are not compatible with our text editor, you have two options:

1. Use the 'Paste Plain Text' or 'Paste from Word' options, then re-format your content using the tools available in our text editor.
2. Upload the MS Word document as an attachment (visit the 'How to Add/Upload a New Artifact' help page) to the portfolio page.

As always, remember to click Save after any changes have been made.


Still Having Trouble?

If this help page did not answer your question, please contact our Support Desk: support@chalkandwire.com

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