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Student Results

Last modified 12:07, 10 Jan 2014

This help page applies to Assessors and Administrators.


The Student Results feature allows Administrators and Assessors to locate and review assessments by submission date. Assessments can be filtered by assessment instrument, assessor, student, and/or standard section. You can also choose to include or exclude reliability (suppressed) assessment scores as well.

To begin, use the Assessments menu to select Student Results.


How to Search for Assessment Results

Use the Results Search features to filter assessments by:

1. Submission date
2. Assessment Instrument
3. Assessor
4. Student
5. Standard Section
6. Reliability (Suppressed) Assessment Scores

Once you have selected your search parameters, click the 'Search' button.


How to Transfer, Delete and/or View Assessment Details

The results of your search will be displayed. If you wish to 'Transfer' or 'Delete' assessments:

1. Click 'Bulk Actions' to reveal the 'Transfer' and 'Delete' actions
2. Transfer an assessment to another assessor
3. Delete an assessment


4. Click anywhere in the row for an assessment to view the assessment details, summary, work and/or annotations. You can also transfer and delete an assessment using this menu as well.


Still Having Trouble?

If this question did not answer your question, please contact our Support Desk: support@chalkandwire.com


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