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This help page applies to Assessors and Administrators.


Assignments are created by assessors and assigned to their own students by way of Course Groups. Unlike assignments and tasks created within program portfolios that are setup by local Chalk & Wire administrators, this type of assignment is created, attached to a program or course Table of Contents section, linked to a specific assessment instrument, and sent to students by the assessor themselves. When submitted, these assignments are automatically returned to the assessor for assessment. 

To access Assignments use the Curriculum menu to select Assignments.


What are the Benefits of this Feature?

Assessors can create and assign regular portfolio-based assignments, which students access either from the 'Work' menu or from the Assignment widget on their Dashboard. When an assignment is selected by the student, they are taken directly to the portfolio section that the assessor has linked the assignment to, so that they may complete their work and submit it automatically to the instructor/assessor who created it. The student would not have to create a portfolio or choose their assessor from an auto-fill type-in text box as is the case with ePortfolios work. 

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Related Information

Troubleshooting & FAQ's

Does the Assignment feature change the way we have collected work in the past? 

  • If you have traditionally used ePortfolios to collect work, the new course group and assignment features affect nothing you have done in the past. They are a way to directly involve faculty in assessment at the course and classroom level.  
  • What are the main differences between the NEW Assignments feature and ePortfolio assignments?
  • The two main differences between NEW Assignments (assessor created and launched) and regular ePortfolio assignments are:
  • Assessor created assignments are given to selected course groups which they have set up (or are set up for them)  and that the delivery of the submissions is automated to go to that assessor. 




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