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Table of Contents

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This help page applies to Assessors and Administrators.


Tables of Contents act as an organizing structure within portfolios, which students select upon portfolio creation. Assessment Instruments and Outcomes can be linked to Tables of Contents to create meaningful data through assessments. Tables of Contents are the interface that connects students to the assessment system.

To access Tables of Contents, use the Curriculum menu to select Tables of Contents.


How to Use this Feature

When creating a portfolio, users are required to select a Table of Contents, which is the navigation structure. Users will then add content (files, text, etc.) to the portfolio, and submit work for assessment via linked Assessment Instruments.

One way to approach the organization of Tables of Contents is to group together critical learning tasks that are related, either by course number or their relationship to a standard, benchmark, or transition point in the curriculum. The goal is to make clear to the student where their work should be situated in the portfolio.

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