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Create New Table of Contents

Last modified 12:10, 10 Sep 2013


This content applies only to Administrators.


Tables of Contents (TOCs) create the framework for portfolios. Creating a new TOC enables the creator to create linkages to assessment instruments, as well as standards.

To being, use the Curriculum menu to select Tables of Contents.


How to Create a New Table of Contents

On the Tables of Contents screen, click the New Table of Contents button.


1. Enter a Name for the new TOC.
2. Choose which Parent Group (Department) the TOC will belong to.
For additional information on how to select a Parent Group, refer to the next step, "How to Choose a Parent Group".
3. Choose whether or not you would like the Lock the TOC.
4. Select which Assessors can be selected for submissions.

Click Save.


How to Choose a Parent Group

1. Using the Sources column, locate the Parent Group (Department) for the Table of Contents.
2. Click the Pick button next to the Parent Group - this will move the Group into the Group column on the right.
3. Click Done.


How to Add Sections to Your Table of Contents

Every new Table of Contents will be created with a default 'Home' section, which acts as the landing page for portfolios.

1. (Optional) Use the Rename button to change the name of the Home section.
2. Use the Add button to add a new section to the Table of Contents.


3. Enter a Name for the Section, then hit 'Return' or 'Enter' on your keyboard.


You can now continue to create your table of contents by adding more sections.

How to Add Main Sections:
Select the Home section in the Table of Contents, and click the Add button. The section will appear as a subsection to Home, below any other main sections that you have already added.

How to Add SubSections:
Select the Main Section that you would like to create a SubSection under, and click the Add button. The section will appear as a subsection to whichever main section you selected, below any other subsections that you have already added.


How to Use Section Tabs

Each section in your Table of Contents will have a set of tabs associated with it - Frames, Setup, Instrument Links, and Content Requirements - NEW!



Frames are blocks inserted into the Table of Contents section to provide additional instructions, questions, and/or resources. The Frames tab allows you to add Frames to each section within the Table of Contents.

For additional information on adding Frames, please visit the Edit a Table of Contents help page.



The Setup tab allows you to include a description for the Table of Contents section. The description will only be visible to Administrators who are editing the Table of Contents - it will not be visible to Students in their ePortfolios.


Instrument Links

The Instrument Links tab allows you to attach one or more Assessment Instruments to a the Table of Contents section. Assessment Instruments are linked to Tables of Contents to allow for students to make submissions to Assessors. To learn how to link Assessment Instrument(s) to your Table of Contents, please visit the Link an Assessment Instrument to a Table of Contents help page.


Content Requirements - NEW!

The Content Requirements tab enables Administrators to set minimum and maximum numbers of specific types of files that are required for submission. The Content Requirements also enables Administrators to offer a description of exactly what is required of the student.


Still Having Trouble?

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Troubleshooting & FAQ's

I cannot locate the TOC section. 

  • The TOC section can be found within the 'Curriculum' dropdown menu.   



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