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Add & Edit Content Requirements

Last modified 12:21, 10 Sep 2013

This help page applies to Administrators only.


Content Requirements enable Administrators to enforce maximum and minimum numbers of different content types on a portfolio section. Unless the Content Requirements are met, the Submit button will remain inactive.

To begin, locate the Table of Contents and use its Actions menu to select Edit.


How to Add Content Requirements

1. Click on the section of the Table of Contents that you would like to add Content Requirements to.
2. Click on the Content Requirements tab.


Enter the Minimum and/or Maximum numbers of files for each Content Type.
If you do not want to enforce a given category of content, leave the minimum and maximum fields empty.

To save any changes that have been made, click Save Requirements.


Still Having Trouble?

If this help page did not answer your question, please contact our Support Desk: support@chalkandwire.com

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