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Outcome Sets

Last modified 15:31, 10 Sep 2013

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Outcome Sets allow institutions to identify varying degrees of performance quality in specific areas and at different levels of granularity. Additionally, schools and organizations may also set internal Outcome Sets to track student performance on specific learning outcomes of interest. Internal Outcome Sets should be created collaboratively and agreed upon by all parties. 

While several National Outcome Sets come pre-loaded in the system, we also allow for the addition of various other types of Outcomes such as National, State, and Local. You are able to add new, edit existing, and/or link Outcomes Sets to Assessment Instruments to keep them well-managed.

To access Outcome Sets, use the Curriculum menu to select Outcome Sets.


When to Use Outcome Sets

The Outcome Sets should reflect the competencies that the institution would like their students to have achieved. Although institutions may have other questions about the processes of learning that they will add to their assessment system, providing evidence of learning is the core goal. 

NOTE: There is sometimes confusion between the measurement of learning and the tracking of the coverage of required topics/content. The latter, while important, does not inform the organization about the degree to which their central mission as an institution of learning is being met.

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