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Forms are types of questionnaires or surveys that are used to gather information for database and reporting purposes.

To access the Forms feature in your Chalk & Wire system, use the Curriculum menu and select Forms.



Use forms to create general surveys such as prior experience, attitude and opinion scales (strongly agree to strongly disagree), checklists (required documents, etc.) and to track field experiences. Forms are distributed at various locations in the application, depending upon the purpose and who is going to complete the form.

  • Journal Templates allow for tracking of logged entries, such as field experiences. They can be configured to track dates, work hours and allow for supervisor sign off.
  • Demographic surveys can be distributed to students before they make a submission and to assessors before they complete an assessment. Demographic surveys appear on the Dashboard's 'Surveys' section as well.
  • Surveys can be distributed to users before they make a submission and appear on the Dashboard's 'Surveys' section. Surveys can be distributed by email to C&W account holders or to people who do not have a C&W account, using a temporary 'Guest' account.
  • Course Evaluation forms are distributed to students after they make submission to an assessment instrument with an associated course evaluation.
  • Assessment/Portfolio forms are attached to frames within a Table of Contents by an administrator or directly to a portfolio page by the user for use within a portfolio.

Forms can be kept hidden until you are ready to release them. Forms can be mandatory, include comment blocks, and can be made non-editable once completed by the user. You can create distribution lists for forms from the Department Contact Lists and/or your personal Contact List. Forms can be attached to rubrics and sent to external assessors or they can be sent out without attaching a rubric.

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