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Add & Edit Frames

Last modified 12:18, 10 Sep 2013


This content applies to Administrators only.


Frames are blocks inserted into a table of contents section. They appear on the portfolio page and provide additional instructions, questions and/or resources to users.

To begin, locate the Table of Contents and use it's Actions menu to select Edit.


How to Add Frames to a Table of Contents

1. Click on the section of the Table of Contents that you would like to add a frame to.
2. Click on the Add Frame button.


Headings, Frames, and Questions

The 'Add Frame to Page' pop-up window will appear, equipped with authoring tools. The first two options are:

1. (Optional) Add a Heading: Headings are optional, and therefore not required for the creation of a Frame. A Heading will provide a 'Title' for the Question and/or Instructions.
2. Include in Portfolio: If a Heading has been entered, it will (by default) only appear when editing a portfolio. If you would like for the Heading to be included in the final portfolio, ensure that this option is selected.


Using the various text editors, you can add one of, or both of the following options:

1. Question: A Question will appear in the portfolio while editing, as well as in the final portfolio. Ideally, an Administrator would add a question to a portfolio and the student's response would follow underneath in the final portfolio.

2. Instructions: Instructions will only appear in the portfolio while editing. This is intended to provide further instruction to the student without compromising the flow of their final portfolio.



In order to attach a File to a frame, which can be used as an added resource for the student, can be done by clicking on the Attach File button.


1. Enter a Name for the file that you wish to upload.
2. Enter Keywords for the file (Keywords help to keep your File Library organized)
3. If the file that you are uploading is a video, select the Conversion Options.
4. Click on the Upload File button.


A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to browse your computer for the file that you would like to upload. Once you have located the file:

1. Select the file.
2. Click Choose.


A green bar will appear to indicate that your upload was successful. Click Close.



The only type of form that can be attached to a table of contents is the Assessment/Portfolio form. To attach a form to a frame, use the drop-down menu available below the Forms heading.

NOTE: If you cannot locate the correct form it may not have been made visible yet. To learn more about how to make an assessment/portfolio form visible, please visit the 'Distribute a Form' help page.


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